Parent Testimonials

Celebrate how God has used the FCS Ministry to impact families.
How We love FCS, from Terese M.
We knew that we wanted to send our children to Christian school so that they woulld be surrounded by loving teachers who would reinforce and feed their faith.  We were blessed to have been led to Family Christian School.

The academic schedule allows for a tremendous amount of family time.  The faculty and staff are unabashedly pro-family.  Given the choice between real-world, experiental learning vs. class room learning, we have always been encouraged to to go share new experiences with our children.

That being said, the classroom experience is phenomenal.  kindergarten and first grade are especially exciting.  Our boys would come home every day with another story of how their teachers entertained them with Elvis sightings, sloppy kisses, belly flops and lots of field trips.  These first two years framed a very positive attitude toward school and learning.

More importantly, in these early years our boys would come home with vivid mental imagery of what heaven was like.  Their stories were so alive that it made us wish we had been in class with them that day.

As our boys have grown, we have enjoyed seeing how the curriculum has expanded into areas that develop their sense of responsibility as well as their organizational and leadership skills.  After all, life is made up of more than just fun and games, right?

While our primary interest was in our childrens’ development, we quickly discovered a very unexpected blessing.  The other families in the school became our best friends.  the friendships that we formed with the other families extended beyond the school setting to encompass every area of our life.

Family Christian School has become so much more than just a school, it’s a community of loving faculty, staff, parents and students with a common goal of spreading the love of Christ and we feel so blessed to be a part of it.  We would be even more blessed to have you come join us!!

We Have Loved Being Part of FCS, from Laura M.
When Terri Schneberger and I discussed my writing our family’s testimony last school year, I thought it would be very simple.  I wanted to share how my children have grown in their spiritual character, their Biblical knowledge, and their academic successes.  My message was to be how Alex, who is going into 4th grade this year, and Caden, who is going into 1st grade, have learned how to be Christian leaders, to use their strengths and grow through challenges and have actually surpassed our goals for their academics. It really has been an awesome experience.  We are so grateful that they have been in Family Christian School, for these things alone.

The more I reflected upon our experience though, the more I wanted to share.  At FCS, my children have experienced teachers that have encouraged and cared for them, as unique individuals.   We have been blessed that they have  come away from each academic year stronger in their classroom knowledge, stronger in their Path, and  also in their sense of themselves.  Their faith and effort to do what is right is also a reflection of this.  We are grateful to each teacher Alex and Caden have had at FCS, for their teaching, and for their helping to guide our children as Christians.

The teachers are not the only people who have mentored my children at FCS.  Alex and Caden both have experienced wonderful friendhips with their peers at FCS,  and also  with students from every grade in the school, from Kindergarten to High School.  I think this is unique.  Alex and Caden call all of the students at FCS  “friends” because the older students treat them with dignity, encouragement,  and respect, and even include them in their games at recess.  As a part of my previous employment, I have worked in many schools over the years in outreach programs, and I have never witnessed such unique, and genuine, mentoring from older students.  It has greatly benefited Alex and Caden because they have identified peer role models, have set goals to “be just like them” when they are older, and they are realizing how to be Christian role models from  their examples.

As parents, we have loved being part of FCS.  We have loved the field trips, Fun Nights, prayer groups, and Chapel.  We have all grown in our relationship with Christ,  and with each other.    I never expected this benefit from my children’s school, and we  have been blessed by it.

I wanted to finish by asking  Alex and Caden why they are happy to be at FCS.  I loved their answers and really had to share them.  Alex (9)  responded that “the schedule makes my life more fun, the work is really easy–or my teachers make the work seem really easy, and I learn how to work hard to be a good person and strong Christian”.  Caden  (6) replied that “somehow every day is lots of fun,  I learn so much about our God, and I got really smart”.     That is really why FCS is so special to our hearts, and we are grateful for it, truly.

Love in Christ,
Laura M.

Our FCS Family, from Cindy F.
Hello, my name is Cindy.  My husband, John, and I have 2 children: Evan, who is going into the 4th grade and Sophia, who is going into 7th grade.  Five years ago we started praying for God’s will for our children’s school.  We were seeking a school where our children could excel academically and grow in their personal relationship with the Lord.

God led us to Family Christian School in the fall of 2005, and still to this day, He has been ministering to our family through “FCS”.  This will be our fourth year at FCS and our family has been so blessed.  Truly, everyone’s family here at FCS has been blessed in some way, so I feel honored to be sharing our family’s story.

Our first year at FCS, our son Evan was going into the 1st grade.  He had to work extra hard to catch up with the class academically, but with the loving guidance and encouragement of his teacher, Evan excelled and rose to the challenge.  He not only excelled academically, but spiritually too!  Evan came to know Christ that same year.  As a parent, what greater blessing can God give you?  He continues in his personal relationship with the Lord and every year he rises to the academic challenge FCS provides.  This past year he proudly represented his 3rd grade class in Math Olympics.  We are so proud of him!

Our second year at FCS got even better!  Our daughter Sophia was in her 5th grade year at FCS, which began their Middle School program.  This was an academically challenging year for her, but through the love, guidance and encouragement of all her teachers, Sophia grew in so many ways.  She not only rose to the challenge academically, but she grew personally in her maturity and social abilities.  In October, 2006, at the Middle School Retreat, Sophia came to Christ.

The love, prayer and devotion that was poured out to our daughter by the teachers, staff and friends at this school will never be forgotten.  Sophia continues to amaze us with her academic and spiritual growth as she progresses through the Middle School program.  We are very proud of her!

God has used FCS to answer so many prayers for our children and family.  Therefore we feel it is not only a school for our children, but a “family ministry” that God has used to bless and change our lives.  FCS has personally been used to minister to me in many different ways.  In the spring of 2007, I participated in the FCS Parent Bible Stud for our family.  For years I have been seeking God’s healing for a piece of my past.  During this Bible study, He brought to light some closure, connected me with beautiful friendships, and because of His grace, I can now help others for Him.  This blessing has changed my life forever!

I can’t wait to see what God has in store this year for our family through FCS.  We are so grateful for this place, the incredible families here, warm friendships and the loving teachers and staff.  The FCS teachers continue to amaze us with their passion for teaching our children!  We are forever grateful to Terri and Scott Schneberger for hearing God’s call and starting this incredible school.

Our children can find excellent academics anywhere, but it is here, at FCS, that they are excelling in academics and growing in their personal relationships and love for the Lord!  If you are searching for a school for your children, embrace FCS and receive all the blessings God has in store for your children and family!