From the triathlon, to the musical, to robotics... there's something for everyone at FCS.


Family Christian School is the only school we know of that puts on a real triathlon every year for K5 – 8th grade!  The triathlon is part of our school’s Physical Education program.  FCS students train in the 3 disciplines of the triathlon (swimming, biking, running) in P.E. classes during the first quarter.  Distances used for the race are based on grade level.


Middle School Retreat

During the first quarter of each school year, FCS takes its middle school students (5th – 8th grades) on an overnight retreat at a nearby campground. This annual event is designed to encourage the spiritual growth, class unity and leadership skills of our middle school.

7th & 8th Grade Trip

Right before spring break, the 7th and 8th grade classes go on a week-long trip designed around fun and spiritual growth.  The trip includes all sorts of daily excursions and activities and devotion times at night. The last night of the trip includes a formal dinner and ceremony honoring the 8th grade class.


Christmas Musical

All students in grade 1 – 8 participate in our annual Christmas musical. Students can choose to have acting or singing parts, or to be part of the chorus. The students perform the musical twice: once for FCS parents and families and once as a gift to Beulah Baptist Church. FCS students earn their Fine Arts credit through their participation in the musical.


Family Christian School tries to encourage our students’ interests outside of the classroom.  FCS offers after-school clubs such as chess club, Bible studies, robotics, and Spanish. All clubs are sponsored and run by FCS teachers or parent volunteers.  The availability of clubs changes from year to year based on sponsor availability.


FCS began an athletics program  in the fall of 2007.  Interscholastic sports teams comprised of atheletes in 6th – 8th grades will be fielded in basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, and cheerleading based on the degree of student and parent interest.

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