Middle School Math

Math Overview for Online Learning March 2020

Hello middle school math students and parents,

It’s been a busy few days over spring break. I hope you were able to have some fun moments this past week. This will be a general email for all middle school math students. Most communication from this point forward will be done on the FCS website and on Facebook.
To get started, please Facebook friend request me. You or your student (your choice) will need to request me as a friend. My name is Missy Tosspon. My picture is the icon. I have already received several requests. Once you are added as a friend, I will then invite you to join the appropriate private group for your student.
I have a private group for each grade level and will only be posting the content for each specific group in their particular group. For example, I have a 5th grade group and all 5th grade lessons will be posted on their group page.
I will be asking the students to do a couple of things for their online learning:
1. Be able to watch YouTube video lessons and follow along with their notes packet.
2. Complete homework in their notes packet and check their answers with provided answer keys.
3. Respond with a comment that they have finished a homework and checked it over. This will count as a completion grade.
4. Download various PDF files of homework, answer keys, quizzes, and tests.
5. Email me a PDF copy of their completed quizzes and tests.
Please make a note that I have created an email account specific to our online learning adventure. Please email all quizzes and tests to this email address-
[email protected]

I will follow up with grades on tests and quizzes by putting the graded work in each student’s individual file folder at school. This file folder also holds hard copies of various things we have for math while we are distance learning.
Above all, let’s pray for each other, show each other grace and patience as we are all learning a new way to have school.
Mrs. Tosspon

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