Upcoming events

Monday, January 18th-Martin Luther King Holiday, no school
Have a great long weekend as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Tuesday, January 26- Bible verse and family activity for JANUARY due

Wednesday, February 3rd-1/2 ReadNQuiz due

Friday, February 12th-Progress reports

Monday, February 15th-President’s Day Holiday, no school

March 8th-March12th-7th and 8th grade trip

March 11th-ReadNQuiz due

3/15-3/19-Spring Break, no school

If you haven’t completed your reenrollment online yet, please go online this week and file your forms so we know how many openings are available for next year.

Masks-Please have your student bring an extra mask to school and leave it in their locker or backpack. They often break or get left behind during the day. Thank you for being so adaptable to new things this year!

Water Bottle Stock Up-Thank you to everyone who has donated bottled water! We have asked each middle school student to bring 2 water bottles to put in their lockers as back up. We are trying to stock extra water too, in case a student needs one. The water fountain remains closed.

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