FCS Middle School NEWS

• Race for Education is coming up soon. Please check your email from the school for instructions about how to sign up.
• Please make a note that we will no longer be selling a daily snack cart to students after Friday, Feb. 28. We will still have a weekly bake sale on Fridays. Please ask your students to be prepared with a snack from home if they have been using the snack cart at school for a snack. This also applies to homework help. Please send enough snacks if your student stays for homework help.

Dates to Remember
February 21- BAKE SALE (7th grade sellers earn profit for the 2020-2021 trip)

TUESDAY- February 25- Bible Verse and Family Activity due

February 28th-Elementary Spelling Bee, Race for Education Prep (No electives), Bake Sale

March 4th-Race For Education-No Homework Help

March 6- Ice cream sale

March 9th-March 13th-7th and 8th grade trip


March 16th-March 20th-No school Spring Break

Monthly Home Study Hours
Students in grades 4th – 8th are required to submit a study hour form for each month showing a minimum of 4 hours of instruction/study done at home. Hours spent completing homework, reviewing for a test, reviewing class notes, or reading for school are acceptable. Study hour forms are available on the school website.


The study hours for February are due by Friday, March 6.

Download Document Here: